Strategic Plan

Mission Theme I: Catholic, Parish School Community
Goal 1: Strengthen the connection between St. Clare School and St. Clare Parish Community
    Strategy 1: Communicate school news/events to the parish community
  Strategy 2: Recognize and honor senior parishioners
Goal 2: Maintain and grow enrollment 
  Strategy 1: Gather data and plan strategies to increase/maintain enrollment
Mission Theme II: Gospel Values
Goal 1: Ensure access to a Catholic education for all interested families 
  Strategy 1: Increase tuition assistance through endowment funds
Goal 2: Teach and live Gospel values
  Strategy 1: Promote and develop positive communication skills among students
Mission Theme III: Spiritual and Educational Development
Goal 1: Meet and enhance the academic needs of diverse learners
  Strategy 1: Increase the scope of the Learning Specialist Program
Goal 2: Ensure that our teachers, principal, staff, and families have the resources they need to engage students
  Strategy 1: Maintain and increase Professional Development Fund
  Strategy 2: Upgrade technology
  Strategy 3: Offer regular parent education opportunities
Mission Theme IV: Whole Child 
Goal 1: Provide indoor and outdoor spaces required for healthy development
  Strategy 1: In collaboration with all parish entities, explore the feasibility of a covered play structure for the campus
  Strategy 2: Maintain the building through necessary improvements and repairs
Goal 2: Encourage healthy eating habits
  Strategy 1: Ensure a top-quality hot lunch program