Tuition & Fees

  2018-2019 Tuition Rates
  In Parish Out of Parish
One Child $6,213 $7,927
Two Children $11,680 $15,220
Three Children $17,148 $22,512
Four Children $22,615 $29,805


In-parish families receive a tuition discount for each child beyond their first (see chart above). Also, if a family chooses to pay tuition in-full by September 10, the family receives a 1.5% discount.  In addition, if an “in-parish” family chooses to pay the full cost of education (out-of-parish rate), the Family Fundraising Goal will be waived.  Tuition is made in nine equal payments from September through May and is due on the 10th of each month.

Criteria for In-Parish Tuition
Please read this letter for a complete explanation of the criteria that must be met to qualify for the in-parish tuition rate. Additionally, the family volunteer list outlines some of the opportunities for providing service to the church. By August 1st, all families who wish to be considered for the in-parish tuition rate must submit the in-parish tuition petition to the parish office.

Family Fundraising and Volunteer Requirements
St. Clare School families must work together to raise approximately $180,000 in fundraising dollars each year. Without success in raising this amount, tuition and fees would increase approximately $1,000 for each family. The $180,000 directly offsets the staff and operating costs to run the school.

St. Clare’s Parent Teacher Council (PTC) operates fundraisers, plans social activities, and is an organized group for teacher support. Families are responsible for meeting their Family Fundraising Goal (FFG), Parent Involvement Program (PIP) volunteer or fee requirements, as well as a fee for classroom parties, social gatherings, parent education night speakers, and teacher appreciation.

The PTC is charged with raising a significant amount of funds to offset the school’s operating costs while keeping tuition affordable. As a result, PTC asks and tracks each family’s $600 fundraising goal, or FFG. Each family’s FFG can be met through a variety of fundraising opportunities throughout the school year. Unmet goals will be billed at the end of the school year. To learn more about FFG requirements and qualifications, visit Family Fundraising Goal (FFG).

In addition to the FFG, PTC requires each family to give 30 volunteer hours to support the school, or make a $300 donation. Those families who qualify for the in-parish tuition rate may count up to 10 of their church volunteer hours toward the required 30 PIP hours. The $300 PIP fee is paid upfront during the registration process. Each family is responsible for tracking their own service hours and reporting them to PTC. Reimbursements may be requested, and donations are gladly accepted. To learn more about the PIP and volunteer opportunities, visit Parent Involvement Program (PIP).