Letter grades are assigned for art in middle school.  Each student should strive to do their personal best. Students are encouraged to find their unique voice using the elements (language) of art. When students learn the language, they then can use it to express themselves. I believe that each student has the capability to shine in the visual arts. There are no exceptions.

This rubric outlines general criteria for middle school grades. It is important in an art studio to build community (half of student grades reflect their willingness to do this). Each student has until the end of a trimester to turn in all work. All middle school students are expected to report to Mrs. Acurso the day they return to school after an absence. Failure to do this will affect their grade. Do not wait a week to come see me!

This rubric is also used as a guide for the younger grades. They do not receive a letter grade; however they do receive some indication of how they are participating in art on their report cards. Younger students are receiving the foundation in art that will enable them to feel successful in middle school.

View my Art Class Grading Rubric and Scale