As educators of art at St. Clare School, we:

  • Affirm and respect individual creativity as an expression and gift from God
  • Uplift art and visual literacy as an important part of the school’s education and learning process
  • Acknowledge the importance of understanding the contributions of previous civilizations with their diverse cultures.
  • Cultivate an awareness of the richness of cultural diversity
  • Minimize competition
  • Teach that process is as important as product
  • Teach that art skill is a discipline and is acquired by practice
  • Believe that art education . . .
    — Is for everyone regardless of social or economic situation
    — Enhances the understanding of Christianity and spirituality
    — Is a unifying activity and is used throughout the curriculum
    — Encourages creativity
    — Promotes self-esteem
    — Aides in the development of critical thinking skills
    — Stimulates students to grace the world with their own compositions and expression as forms of