6th Grade Language Arts

Teacher: Ms. Paige Sturges, psturges@stclarepdx.org


I love having the opportunity to be the kind of teacher I always wanted as a young person: one who is filled with excitement and passion for learning, one who has high expectations of students, one who makes sure every single student is challenged and engaged, one who inspires confidence because she is an expert in the subject matter, and one who inspires students to be better human beings. I try to be a fearless teacher, someone who is not afraid to try new things.


During the seventh grade, students can expect to study a novel, multiple short stories, nonfiction articles, and poetry. Most importantly, students will write! We will focus on personal narratives, descriptive writing, paragraph construction, and research techniques. Students will also learn to present information effectively, both as an individual and in groups. 

All of my lesson plans and unit plans are aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS). The state of Oregon maintains a fantastic website about educational standards, and the following link specifically addresses the CCSS, as well as Reading, Writing, and Literacy Frameworks:



As a student, you should maintain your notebook every day. This means contributing to it during class, keeping it organized with a table of contents, and adding your own content at home. Your notebook should be a legible, usable reference for studying. Adding more to your notebook (things like attaching important articles, personal research, images that help you understand, and even bling) is ALWAYS encouraged. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask your peers and consult the homework calendar to make sure your notebook is up to date.

The notebook is organized by:

Left Side = student-generated, including “Do Nows,” your writing, and your research.

Right Side = information from Ms. Sturges, including class notes, vocabulary lists, worksheets, and study guides.


Homework is posted both on the whiteboard and on the St. Clare calendar every day. I encourage students to record their homework in the student agenda provided to them. On days that specific homework is not given, students should review their notebooks and make sure that it is as wonderful as possible. For example, a student might want to add on to a “Do Now” writing activity, clarify notes, or update the table of contents.


Our English textbook is Collections, published by Holt McDougal. Students are able to access an online edition through their iPads. For information on accessibility, please contact Mr. Morgan.