St. Clare School Endowment Fund


St. Clare School 2017-2018 Annual Appeal


       Changing Lives Since 1914


The St. Clare School Annual Appeal is underway!  This year the school invites you to help us continue building a legacy of support for current and future students by giving to The St. Clare School Endowment Fund.

Dear Friends,

St. Clare Catholic School has been changing the lives of children for over 100 years.  Our Small School with the Big Heart is thrilled to share with you some wonderful news: through the generosity of our community, and the support of members of our1914 Society, the St. Clare School Endowment has grown to just over $1.8M!

Over the last three years, earnings from the Endowment have gone to enhance our academic programs, provide tuition assistance to families in need, and help us meet our budget without significant tuition increases. We simply couldn’t do it without you.

Our goal is to reach $2M… and we need your help!
Help us build on this legacy of love and support for our current students — and future generations to come. Gifts to the Endowment ensure the long-term stability of our school, and help us continue to offer children the gift of a Catholic education.

Become a member of the 1914 Society today!
The 1914 Society was established last year by supporters who joyfully gave to the Endowment through one-time gifts of $191.40 or above, or through pledged amounts of $19.14 monthly.  Will you join them this year?


Gifts to the 1914 Society will benefit the Endowment, and be matched up to a total of $5,000 by the following generous families:


  • The Hagel Family
  • The Hughes-Sanders Family
  • The Hunt Family
  • The Smith Family
  • An “Anonymous Angel” Family
  • A Second “Anonymous Angel” Family


Please visit, and click on the Make A Gift Now button. Your gift will help us continue to offer an outstanding Catholic education now, and for years to come.  Thank you.



Our heartfelt thanks to the following 1914 Society Members


*Mike and Shawn Hagel

*April Hughes Sanders

*Steve and Deme Hunt

*Chris and Liz Johnson

*The Kayser-Vogel Family

*Travis and Debbie Smith



Jason and Allison Beam

Chris and Cartie Beckett

Meaghan and Jordan Boyd

John and Cynthia Cosgrave

Peter and Sheila Cullen

Lauren and Jeanne Donaldson

Paul Flood and

Bernadette Doolan

Matt Eckman

Earl and Debbie Freepons



Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Fuchs

Christian and Vicki Grorud

Mary Ellen Harmeyer

Roger and Carol Klein

Eleanor Larson

Eric Castle and Joanne Luzietti

Bob and Maria McCarthy

Kevin and Cynthia McEvoy

John Minahan

Estate of Robert Molin

KK Burrell and Patrick


Michael and Debra Monahan

Joe and Joanie Quinn

Don and Colette Rees

John Richards MD and

Christina Steig Richards



James Demay and

Channing Riggs

Rosen Foundation

Eric and Meridith Sangster

John and Diane Sangster

Steve and Julie Seguin

Robert and Alice Selder

Karen Serowik

Kevin and Jocelyn Tyree

Don Vanderpool

John and Mary Anne Wagner






* Indicates matching gifts



A brief description of the St. Clare School Endowment Fund:
The St. Clare School Endowment is comprised of three endowed funds which are invested in the Catholic Education Endowment Fund (CEEF) held by the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. The Mary Kate Booth Endowment Fund is one of these endowed funds. Each of the funds was established exclusively for the benefit of St. Clare School to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the school, and support the economic viability of Catholic education for all students.

For more information on the Endowment, please visit, click on Support St. Clare and select Endowment, or contact the school’s development department directly at Thank you for your support!




Your gift leaves a legacy that ensures outstanding education and strengthens our school in perpetuity


When you invest in the endowment fund at St. Clare School you combine your gifts with those who also believe in the special spirit of the St. Clare School community.  Together, your gifts make an impact that shapes St. Clare School students and families for the better.  Your donation, no matter how large or small, ensures St. Clare School’s continued success for new generations who recognize the unique spirit found right here on Freeman Street. 

Quadruple your gift to the St. Clare School Endowment Fund 

 through a challenge match by the OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation!

QUADRUPLE your Donation to the St. Clare School Endowment Fund!  

How?  Give to the endowment fund, secure a match from your participating employer and then the Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation will match both your donation and your employers' donation.  We are grateful to Mr. Weston for his yearly support to encourage gifts to the endowment.  Each year for the last several years, Mr. Weston has generously incentivized giving by offering to match donations to the St. Clare School Endowment Fund up to a total match of around $15,000.  Help us maximize the Weston challenge match and make a gift today!

What if your employer doesn't offer a matching gift program?  Your donation can still be doubled through the OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation!  Give to the Endowment today and DOUBLE your impact!





What is the St. Clare School Endowment Fund? 

In 1991, seventy-five years after the school first opened its doors, bold, brave and faithful visionaries began the endowment fund for St. Clare School.  Established exclusively for the benefit of St. Clare Catholic School, its purpose is to ensure long-term sustainability by providing financial security and resources to support outstanding education at St. Clare. 

 The St. Clare School Endowment Fund is part of the Catholic Education Endowment Fund (CEEF) held and managed by the Archdiocese of Portland, Oregon.  Interest made on the principle of the endowment can be used.  The principle can never be touched.  The interest monies can be used to “support and assist the School in its mission by providing supplemental funding of programs and services; additional support for operation, maintenance, capital requirements, and tuition assistance.”

 In a general sense, the larger the endowment the greater the ability for the endowment to help keep tuition increases to a minimum for all families and to help the school weather any financial storms.  The endowment is faith-filled fiscal stewardship.


 What is the Mary Kate Booth Endowment Fund? 

In 2009, the Mary Kate Booth Endowment Fund (a sub-fund of the main Endowment Fund) was established in memory of Mary Kate Booth, a student of the school who suddenly and tragically passed away in 2009 during her second grade year.  The idea for this endowment was conceived by the family and friends of Mary Kate who wished to support one of her most cherished things in life:  St. Clare.  The MKB Endowment Fund is a restricted endowment fund.  Meaning, interest generated on the principle can only be used to help the school provide financial assistance to those in need, and to support several of Mary Kate's favorite things about St. Clare school: art, science, music, and the library.  Additionally, a tithe of 10% of any withdrawals from this fund support St. Clare Parish.  Proceeds from the annual Yellowball Golf Tournament (established by Jay and Ellie Booth, parents of Mary Kate Booth) benefit the Mary Kate Booth Endowment Fund.

When you support the endowment fund it shows you believe that the community of St. Clare
is a gift that you have received 
and you wish to share this gift with others.

The school invites individual gifts, gifts of stock, corporate matching gifts, short- and long-term pledges, and planned gifts to benefit the Endowment Fund.  To make a one-time gift, click on the “Make-a-Gift Now” button under the Support St. Clare page, or send a check to:

St. Clare School, ATTN: Development Department
1807 SW Freeman Street
Portland, OR  97219

If you wish to make a tribute gift, a gift of stock, or a gift through your estate or other planned instruments (i.e., annuity funds) please contact Renee Cline, Development Director, at or 503-244-7600 x239.

 We are thankful you are part of our family. 

Your loyalty and dedication to the mission of St. Clare School 
leads us to personally treat every interaction and relationship with care.