8th Grade Social Studies


Teacher:   Mrs. Catherine Kollars, ckollars@stclarepdx.org

Curriculum:   American History from  Colonial times through the U.S. Civil War;; U.S.  Constitution; Current Events

    A special focus on the U.S. Constitution and ongoing reading and discussions of current events are also part of our curriculum



Mrs. Kollars’s

8th Grade Social Studies  Plan


This plan is subject to change based on teacher discretion.

Textbook: Disovering Our Past: A History of the United States; McGraw_Hill, 2014

Curriculum:   Colonial America-Reconstruction; U.S. Constitution/Government; 

                       Current Events; Geography                                                                    


1st Trimester    42 days                                              

                             Topics                                          Test/Project/Other                          Essential                      





       CHAPTER 3 “Colonial America                           Quiz, Test                                        *How does geography influence                                      

                                                                                                                                    the way people live?



       CHAPTER 4 “ Life in the American Colonies”       Quiz, Map,         * How do new ideas change the                  

                                                                                                                                     way people live?


       CHAPTER 5 “The Spirit of Independence”           Quiz, Test                                     * Why does conflict develop?                              




2nd Trimester 44 days

       Geo Bee Preliminary                                                                 


            CHAPTER 6 The American Revolution”                Quiz, Test                                     * What motivates people to act?                                              

      CHAPTER 7 “A More Perfect Union”                      Quiz; Project              * Why do people form governments?

                                                                                                              * How do governments change?                      

             Preamble to U.S. Constitution Recited                 

      CHAPTER 9 “The Federalist Era” &                                                        * What are the characteristics of a leader?

       CHAPTER 10 “The Jefferson Era”                     Quizzes; Test                 * How does geography influence the way             

                                                                                                                     people live?

     CHAPTER 11 “ Growth and Expansion”            

     CHAPTER 12 “The Jackson Era”                       Quizzes; Political              * What are the characteristics of a leader?

                                                                          Cartoon Project              * What are the consequences when cultures



3rd Trimester   40 days

            Current Events                                 Mini Projects               (Varies)

           CHAPTER 13 “ Manifest Destiny”                                                              * How do new ideas change the way people live?

           CHAPTER 14 “North and South”                    Quiz                                     * How do people adapt to their environment?

                                                                                                                       * Why do people make economic choices?

           CHAPTER 15 “13 “Spirit of Reform”                Quiz                                    * Why do societies change?

           CHAPTER 16  “Toward Civil War”                  Quiz;                              * Why does conflict develop?

           CHAPTER 17 “The Civil War”                         Quiz; Test; Essay Project

            Analyze and Recite “The Gettysburg Address”