Fun Friday

Fun Friday afternoons happen about three times a year from 1:30 to 2:45 p.m. It is an afternoon full of “centers” run by parent volunteers. It is meant to be a time when parents can share a special interest, talent, hobby, or activity with the class in small groups. These special afternoons are greatly enjoyed by the students!

Fun Friday centers are as varied as the parents who run them. Some examples are holiday crafts, paper airplanes, God's eyes, rubber stamping cards, planting, insect study, garden art, Play-Doh sculptures, fishing, baseball cards, tennis, robots, video-making, bird watching, foreign language, engineering, chemistry, stethoscopes, microscopes, static electricity, bookmarks, jump rope making.  The good news is that each center usually has only four or five children at a time.

Fun Fridays are typically held in December, March, and June.