Handwriting – Students will continue to practice their cursive handwriting.  All work must be written in cursive and in pencil.  Students who complete assignments in pen, will be asked to rewrite them using pencil.  We will use our handwriting books as practice and skills should be applied to daily work.

Language Arts – We will focus on the fundamentals of grammar through lessons and activities that teach students the principal rules and mechanics of the English language.  We will also focus on improving writing through the 6+1 Writing Traits.

Math – We are using enVisionmath2.0.  Fourth grade main math topics include the following: fluency with multiplication, understanding decimals, and area of two-dimensional shapes.

Reading Using the Journeys reading series, we will focus on short stories from various genres and practice opportunities with vocabulary and comprehension, as well as a variety of literary elements.  We will also read several novels throughout the school year as a class and do some work in literature circles.  Students will also keep a weekly reading log that will be turned in every week, on either Friday or Monday.

Religion – Through the Blest are We curriculum we will cover the following units: the goodness of God, Jesus is the Son of God, the Holy Spirit, the Church, and social justice.  Ms. Harmeyer, the fifth grade teacher, teaches fourth grade religion. 

Science – We are using the science series: Science: A Closer Look.  The fourth grade science standards are centered around four main areas: structure and function, interaction and change, scientific inquiry, and engineering design.  Students will have the opportunity to do a variety of hands-on activities and labs.

Spelling – Through the Spelling and Vocabulary workbook, students will complete one unit per week with a spelling test on Friday (or the last school day of the week).  Students should be aware and apply spelling rules and strategies in their daily work.

Social Studies – Our social studies curriculum is entitled Get Oregonized.  This is a history book for students in the intermediate grades who are studying Oregon's history and regions.  Several field trip opportunities are planned to enhance our study of Oregon and its history.