Welcome to Kindergarten!

St. Clare has an all-day kindergarten program with a full-time teacher and aide.

Kindergarten is the first step of your child’s formal education. Our philosophy is the spiritual and educational development of the whole child. It is as important that the child feels good about him/herself socially and to have academic achievement in reading, writing, and math.  In kindergarten, we use a balanced approach to reading--whole language and phonics combined to reach all learners.  Students are given opportunities to read and write through a thematically taught curriculum.  Hands on math and science lessons are also incorporated into our thematic units. 

The kindergarten program also includes physical education (3 days/week), art class (2 days/week), and library/computer lab (1 day/week).  In addition, students will be paired with a fifth grade buddy for the school year.  The fifth grade buddies play a special role in our kindergarten program.  We read with our buddies bi-weekly, attend field trips together (pumpkin patch, Festival of Trees, and zoo), and celebrate together with classroom parties for  holidays. 

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