Kindergarten Homework

In kindergarten, our homework program exists to build a foundation for literacy.  Students are required to read daily for 15-20 minutes.  You may read to your child and your child may read to you!  During the week (Monday through Thursday) students will select a book to take home from our classroom lending library.  Additionally, students practice reading a text that is at his/her reading level.  These leveled-readers come home on Monday and return to school on Friday so your child can practice reading a book for the whole week. 

Another component of our kindergarten homework program is for your child to develop their character through service to others.  Each week, your child will complete a 'chore' at home as a contribution to their family and as a way to serve God through helping others.  You may give your child a monetary payment or 'allowance' for his/her contribution which will be sent to school for donation to Saint Vincent De Paul.  Age appropriate chores for a kindergarten student are:  sweeping, mopping, washing windows, dusting, putting away silverware or other dishes, pulling weeds, watering flowers, raking leaves, emptying garbage, putting recycling cans out, and folding laundry.  It is my hope that students feel a sense of independence and service to others that are less fortunate.  YOU ARE NEVER TOO LITTLE TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!