Service Projects

Chores for Change!

Kindergarten students have an ongoing service project throughout the year.  Kindergarten students perform 'chores' at home as a contribution to their family and service to others in need.  Students are given an 'allowance' at home for their contribution which is then donated to Saint Vincent De Paul. The money earned helps to pay utility bills of those in need, purchase much needed items for the food cupboard, and also subsidize rent for those in need.  YOU ARE NEVER TOO LITTLE TO  MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Gift Bearers for Mass

Each mass, kindergarten students are responsible for bringing up the gifts.  This gives us the opportunity to actively participate and contribute to weekly school masses.  We will let you know when your child is a gift bearer in our weekly newsletters over email as well as post a copy outside the kindergarten classroom. 

Click on the link to see the Gift Bearer Schedule