Schedule and Procedures

Grade                 Check Out Period             Library Days/Time

Kindergarten      1 book for one week         Monday 10:30-11:30/ Tuesday 10:30-10:45 storytime

1st                        1 book for one week         Tuesday 8:40-9;20/Thursday 11:05-11:40

2nd                       2 books for one week       Monday 9:20-10:00/Tuesday 1:10-1:50

3rd                        2 books for two weeks     Tuesday/Thursday 12:30-1:10

4th                        2 books for two weeks     Monday/Thursday 2:10-2:50

5th                        3 books for two weeks     Monday 1:30-2:10/ Thursday 10:25-11:05

6th                        3 books for two weeks     Tuesday 9:25-10:05

7th                        3 books for two weeks     Thursday 1:30-2:10

8th                        3 books for two weeks     Monday 12:40-1:20

Kindergarten comes down to the Library twice a week for stories and an activity and check out time.  Grades 1st -6th are split in half and while half the class is in the Library the other half is in the Computer Lab.  We usually have both a story and a lesson that teaches research skills appropriate for their level of understanding.  The 7th and 8th graders use this block of time to do research for class projects and or work in Literature Circles.  All students are given time to look at books and check them out!

If a student fails to return a book by the due dae the computer system will not allow the students to check out any more books until the overdue books are returned.  Overdue notices will be sent home for individual students.  If a book is three weeks overdue the book will be assumed lost and the students will be billed for the replacement cost.  The Librarian has the right at any time to limit the number of books or the check out period for any particular student.  All Library fines must be paid before the last day of the school year or the final report card will be held in the school office.

Lynn Napoli

St Clare School Librarian