BASC Policies & Procedures

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(updated November 2010)

Mission Statement & Philosophy

Hours of Operation & Schedule

Registration Procedures & Fees

Billing Procedures & Policies

School Closures, Holidays, & Snow Days

Procedure for Arrival & Pick Up

Contracted Classes & Services

Cancellations & Absences

Medications, Emergencies, & Illness

Emergency Procedures

Homework & Discipline Policies

Community Service & Involvement

Field Trip & Volunteer Policies



BASC strives to uphold the values and principles of St. Clare School, and focuses direct and compassionate attention on the emotional, physical, and educational development of each child.


BASC strives to enrich the lives of every child, by offering a nurturing environment, which teaches life-long skills with concentration on respect, responsibility, and personal growth.



7:00 – 8:05 a.m.

Before School Care (Quiet Activities are provided)

3:05 – 6 p.m.

2:05 - 6 p.m. (Tuesdays only) 

After School Care

BASC  provides crafts, study time, outside play, free choice activities, snack time, physical activity, special projects, and homework assistance.



All families participating in BASC must submit a completed registration form for each child  including family information, emergency contact information, medical history and current doctors and medical insurance information, This process also includes a non-refundable registration fee for either Regularly Scheduled Care or As needed care ($50 per child, and $35 per additional child).  Participation in BASC cannot be permitted until these items have been completed.



Regularly Scheduled Care
Upon registration, you must sign up for your child’s regular schedule; e.g., 1 or more days per week. This guarantees your child’s spot provided we are not already filled to capacity on those days when requested. This becomes your permanent schedule until written notice is given to change it. 

Regularly Scheduled Care families must send an e-mail in advance if your child will not be attending BASC that day.  This includes if your child is sick or did not come to school, or if you have arranged other after-school activities in lieu of using BASC.  This is the only way we can take additional As-Needed care for other families and most importantly, ensure the safety of your child. 

As-Needed Care and Program Days Only
If you only register for As-Needed Care and Program Days, you must complete two steps in order to participate in BASC programs: 

  1. Please email ahead for As-Needed Care. This is scheduled on a first come, first served basis with prior notification.  If we do not have space that day, as-needed care will not be available.
  2. Advanced enrollment must be completed for all noon- dismissal Program Days and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis with a posted deadline.  This deadline will typically be one week before the program date and space will be guaranteed to those who submit enrollment prior to this deadline. If you are late registering for a program day, space may not be available due to staffing and planning availability. Once registered you are responsible for payment regardless if your child attends or not unless you request withdrawal by email by the registration deadline.

Our As-Needed Care Policy states that all care must be arranged in advance.  Please call ahead for As-Needed Care.  Notifying your children and asking them to go to BASC that afternoon does not suffice as "advanced notice." All As-Needed Care is scheduled on a first come, first served basis with prior notification.  If we do not have space that day, As-Needed Care will not be available, and you will be called to pick up your child immediately.

Please be sure to schedule As-Needed Care at least 24 hours in advance.  Please note that on limited space days even if you call 24 hours ahead of time, As-Needed Care may not be available.  

BASC Monthly Statements
BASC statements will be issued on the 1st Thursday of every month, unless noted otherwise.  Payment is due in full by the 15th of every month.  If payment is not received by 6 p.m. on the 20th, your account will be considered past due and you will receive a past due notice including a $20 late payment fee.  If this statement remains unpaid by the 1st of the following month, you will receive a letter of withdrawal from BASC stating that your child cannot participate in BASC.  If your account has not been paid in the next two days, your child will not be accepted to BASC programs.  Your account will remain on a withdrawn status until the statement has been paid in full, at which point your child may return to BASC.

The sibling discount of 10% applies only to families who register or “Regularly Scheduled Care” (1 day a week or more).  This does not apply to As-Needed Care.  We will apply this discount to families for Program Days, such as noon dismissals and non-school days, when BASC is open.

Non-sufficient Funds
Non-sufficient funds will result in a $20 NSF fee on your next BASC statement.  After three NSF charges, through the school and/or BASC, your checks will no longer be accepted.  All payments must be made through the online payment system, cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

Late Arrival Fees
If you are registered for half day care (2-3 p.m. only on Tuesdays, or 3-4:30 p.m. Monday - Friday) and are late picking up your child, you will be charged the next block of care at that specified rate.  If you are running late, please feel free to call ahead and let us know.

If you arrive past 6 p.m., BASC closing time, you will also be charged the late arrival fee of $1 per minute. This must be paid in a cash at the time of arrival.

*Please plan ahead, call if you are running late, or have an authorized back up person who can pick up your child if you are unable to make it on time.

St. Clare students who have not been picked up from school by 3:20 p.m. (2:20 p.m. on Tuesdays) will be sent to BASC if they have previously registered for the BASC program.  For families who are not registered for BASC, school administration reserves the right to bill families for the BASC registration fees and any charges incurred for care as a result of children not being picked up on time.  Furthermore, if you find yourself needing last minute care, please call BASC directly at (503) 244-8747 instead of notifying the school office.  This way we can directly plan for your child's attendance and let you know the attendance status for the afternoon. 



Inclement Weather Policy
When St. Clare School is closed due to inclement weather, BASC will also be closed for the safety of staff and children.  St. Clare follows the decision of Portland Public Schools.  Please stay tuned to the following radio stations: 1190 KEX and KINK 102, as well as TV stations, KATU 2, KOIN 6, KGW 8, or FOX 12 for updates and decisions.  If St. Clare School opens two hours late, there will be no before-school care.

Holiday Closure Days - NO BASC Services Provided
St. Clare School and BASC will be closed for the following holidays and scheduled school vacations.  BASC care will not be provided for these days:

Labor Day
Veterans Day
Thanksgiving Break (including noon dismissal on Wednesday before Thanksgiving)             
Christmas Break
Christmas Day
New Year's Day
Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday
Washington's Birthday
Spring Break
Good Friday
Memorial Day
Last Day of School

School Inservice and Noon Dismissal Days - BASC Services ARE Provided
St. Clare BASC provides full day program care on school inservice and noon dismissal days.  We remain open from 7 a.m.-6 p.m., and require advanced enrollment and payment* in order to adequately staff and prepare for these days.

Archdiocese Inservice
Statewide Inservice
Faculty Inservice
Noon Dismissal Days

* Advanced enrollment  must be completed for all Program Days, and will be accepted on a first come, first served basis through a designated deadline.  This deadline will typically be one week before the program date and space will be guaranteed to those who submit enrollment prior to this deadline.  If you are late enrolling for a program day, space may not be available, due to staffing and planning availability.



Children arriving for AM Care should be accompanied into the school by a parent or guardian and signed into morning care.  Entry to BASC is through the double doors on Freeman Street near the corner of 17th.  For security reasons, these doors are locked at all times.  Please ring the white doorbell to the left of the door, and a staff member will open the doors.

Authorization for Pick Up
Only those individuals authorized on your registration form will be allowed to pick up your child.  If at any time you authorize anyone else, we must have prior written approval to release your child(ren) to that individual.  A telephone call cannot be honored as adequate notification.  New or unrecognized authorized individuals may be asked to validate photo ID to a BASC staff member. 

Procedures for Pick Up
When you (or an authorized person) pick up your child, you must personally come to the BASC classroom.  Before leaving with your child(ren), you need to tell a staff member, as well as “sign-out” your child on the Daily Attendance form.

 In accordance with the State of Oregon Child Care Division regulations, students who leave BASC without a parent or authorized adult must have arrangements made in advance, in writing, from the parent(s) with the departure date, time, and procedure.  This must include specific dates and times when the child may leave BASC independently.  A signed "Permission to Leave" form on record in the school office or with the classroom teacher is not sufficient notice.  Written requests must be directed specifically to BASC, or children will not be allowed to leave the care of BASC until signed out by an authorized adult.



In compliance with the State of Oregon, and for the overall safety of your child, BASC staff must be notified in writing if your child is participating in contracted classes (band, soccer, foreign language, basketball, etc.), which requires them to leave BASC.  You must fill out a contracted class form indicating the class dates, times, and location.  By signing this form you are releasing your child from our certified care, and liability. 




There is no refund when your child is absent from his/her registered time in BASC nor is make up time available.  Please let us know if your child will not be attending BASC by calling BASC directly at (503) 244-8747.  This will provide space for as-needed care.  Our concern is your child’s safety.  If your child is absent, and we have not received prior notification, we will investigate the whereabouts of your child and call to verify.

Child's Whereabouts
Please note that if your child does not arrive to BASC in a timely fashion (within approximately 10 minutes after school dismissal) BASC staff will make all efforts possible to locate your child’s whereabouts and confirm with an authorized parent or guardian.  In this case BASC staff will follow the below procedure to locate your child:

1. Ask fellow classmates about child’s whereabouts.
2. Call child’s teacher to confirm whereabouts.
3. Call St. Clare secretary to confirm child’s whereabouts.
4. Call parents, and emergency contacts (if parents cannot be reached).
5. Call police

You can alleviate our stress by giving written documentation such as a note, email, or a telephone message if your child will be absent from BASC care.



We will give your child medicine only according to your written and signed instructions.  Medicine will not be given without a signed consent form.  Forms are available from the BASC director and on the BASC website. 

Authorized medication to be administered must:

  • Be brought directly to the BASC staff.
  • Be accompanied by a medication authorization form indicating specific instructions as to quantity, time for it to be administered, name and telephone of the doctor, and all other pertinent information.
  • Per Oregon law, medication must be in its original container otherwise it will not be administered.

You will be notified immediately if your child requires medical care.  If you cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact your emergency contact person and your child’s doctor.  If we are unable to reach any of the above, we will call an ambulance.  A BASC staff member will accompany your child.  


In the case of an emergency, BASC will follow the following procedure for contacting parents/guardians.  Please inform the BASC Director if you would like to be contacted in a different order:

Parent #1 Cell Phone (no answer) -->
Parent #1
Work Phone (no answer) -->
Parent #2 Cell Phone (no answer) -->
Parent #2 Work Phone (no answer) -->
Phone (no answer) -->
Emergency Contact #1 (no answer) -->
Emergency Contact #2 (no answer) -->

 If no one can be reached at above numbers and the situation warrants, we will call 911.

We understand the difficulty of being a working parent and having a sick child, but we are not equipped with either staff or facilities to care for sick children.  Please keep your children home if he/she has had:

  • fever over 100°
  • diarrhea  (more than once per day)
  • vomiting
  • nausea
  • severe cough
  • unusual yellow color to skin or eyes
  • skin or eye lesions or rashes that are severe, weeping or pus-filled
  • stiff neck and headache with one or more of the symptoms listed above
  • difficult breathing or wheezing
  • complaints of severe pain

If a child becomes sick during the school day and shows the above symptoms during after school care, parents or authorized guardians will be contacted to pick up their child immediately.

 All contagious diseases (chicken pox, head lice, etc.) must be reported to the BASC director.  Any communicable disease or food poisoning MUST be reported to the director immediately.  By state regulations, these items must be posted for all families to review. 



A lockdown procedure will be implemented during a school or BASC emergency, such as stranger danger.  In the case of a fire, flood, or other environmental hazard requiring immediate evacuation of the school building, BASC staff will escort all children to one of the Emergency Evacuation sites and information will be posted noting our location.

Lockdown Procedure:

  • Doors will be locked
  • Windows will be shut and locked
  • Blinds will be closed
  • No one will be permitted to enter, or leave the building
  • Lockdown will continue until the director receives an “all clear” signal from emergency personnel
  • Parents are reminded to check e-mail for the latest news from BASC staff during a lockdown

Evacuation Plan
In the event of an emergency requiring evacuation of the center, such as fire or flood, the children will be escorted by the BASC staff and director to an alternate location: either the St. Clare Church Rectory, located at 8535 SW 19th Avenue, or Capitol Hill Elementary School located at 8401 SW 17th Avenue.  Notice of the evacuation will be posted on the school doors at the Freeman Street entrance, and the classroom door, stating that the building has been evacuated and the current location of the students.  In addition, the BASC telephone message will state the situation and the location of the students.  Parents will be telephoned, or if the parents are not available, the emergency contacts listed on each child’s registration form will be called until a contact is reached and arrangements have been made for their pick up.


Homework Policy
Students in grades 2-4 are provided with 30-45 minutes of quiet homework time on Monday through Thursday afternoons.  All students who have assigned homework are strongly encouraged to complete a reasonable amount of school work during this time.  Families who have specific expectations should discuss and clarify these expectations with their children.  Homework contracts are available upon request should parents prefer a written homework plan with their child(ren). Due to staffing limitations, we are not able to provide intensive, one-on-one help for your children during homework time.  BASC staff is available for questions and brief assistance during homework time.  Should your child need additional homework support, please contact the BASC director to discuss additional options.

Middle school students are provided with quiet homework time in the library each afternoon after 4 p.m.  Middle school students are expected to work on their homework until it is completed, or they are picked up.  Middle school students will complete a Homework Contract at the beginning of the school year, or upon assuming a regular BASC schedule.

Discipline Policy
BASC supports a policy of redirection, in which children not showing positive behavior and socialization skills will be redirected by staff into other activities, or options.  If a child does not respond, their choices may be limited or removed for a short time.  If a child still does not respond, a period of time will be allowed for the child to re-evaluate their choices, and if necessary parents will be contacted.  Subsequently, all children enrolled in BASC may be asked to complete and agree to the Behavior Contract, which clearly outlines unacceptable behavior choices, and consequences for their actions.  It is our goal to support emotional, social, and physical development of each child, and to uphold safety and respect at all points in time.

Cell Phone Policy
In accordance with St. Clare School Policy regarding cell phones, students in grades K-5 should not have cell phones at BASC for any reason. Students in grades 6-8 may bring acell phone to school with parent permission. Cell phones must be off and turned into BASC staff upon arrival and may be retrieved when the child is signed out by a parent or guardian.



Mission Munchies Program
As part of our community service and outreach, BASC has a special snack one afternoon each month where children have the opportunity to pay $1 for special snack instead of receiving the snack that is provided through the BASC program.  The proceeds from this special snack will go to a charity chosen by the students and teachers of BASC each month. Throughout the “Mission Munchies” week, students will make fliers advertising the snack sale, and create cards and notes which will accompany the donation. In an effort to help the children be responsible for this project, we will only be allowing children who have their dollar at snack time to participate in the Mission Munchies snack.

Children who decide not to participate in the Mission Munchies snack will receive a regular BASC snack on Mission Munchies day.



In the event that BASC organizes a field trip off campus, permission slips stating the event’s details, time, date, and other pertinent information will be issued.  Your child must return this permission slip with an authorized parent or guardian’s signature and date.  You child will not be allowed to leave school grounds with out this permission form, and in the event that BASC staff cannot remain behind to care for them, you will be called and asked to pick up your child immediately. 



No BASC volunteers may have unsupervised access to children at any time, including during emergencies.  The Archdiocese of Portland requires a background check on all school volunteers.  The State of Oregon Child Care Division also requires that any volunteer be subject to an additional background check and enrolled in the Oregon Child Care Division Central Background Registry. 



BASC maintains an open door policy.  You are welcome to stop by whenever our program is in session to observe, ask questions, and/or make suggestions. 

We strive to offer a high-quality program, centered on the safety, happiness, and overall well-being of your child.  However, there are times when communication and intentions can be misunderstood and we always encourage direct and honest communication between parents and staff.  If you have a concern, please speak to the teachers directly or feel free to contact the director to schedule a time to discuss concerns in depth.  If you need additional resolution, please contact the school principal.


Current certifications for the Oregon Child Care Division, as well as CCD rules and regulations, fire safety and sanitation reports are available to parents for review at any point in time.