Family Fundraising Goal (FFG)

St. Clare School community families must work together to raise approximately $180,000 in fundraising dollars each year. Without success in raising this amount, tuition and fees would increase approximately $1,000 for each family. The $180,000 directly offsets the staff and operating costs to run the school.

The Parent Teacher Council (PTC) is charged with generating fundraisers, and finding volunteers to help manage those fundraisers in an effort to help our school community reach its fundraising goal. This is quite a job and we need everyone to do their fair share in raising monies… which, in turn, helps keep tuition increases at a minimum for everyone enrolled.

For the last 10 years, St. Clare’s PTC has asked families to help reach our fundraising goal by asking each family (*see below for single parents) to raise a minimum of $600 per family through the school’s fundraising events. This amount is called your Family Fundraising Goal (FFG).  This requirement guarantees us about $90,000 - half of our goal.

Please remember, the following are only FFG guidelines: dollars spent on school fundraisers may be eligible for tax deductions. Consult your tax advisor for more information.

* For FFG guidelines, single parents are defined as those having no spousal support, either in finances or in the raising of the children. Therefore, the single parent family fundraising requirement is a $300 minimum. Divorced families, where both parents are taking part in the upbringing and finances of the children will be subject to the same guidelines and rules of two-parent families. Final determination of who is a single parent will be at the discretion of the principal.

Scrip Purchases (FFG 5%)
Everyday purchases add up to a big value with Scrip at no extra cost to you. School-friendly businesses sell us gift cards at below market value and the school then sells the gift cards at face value to make a small profit. If you can organize your home budget around these gift cards, we can make money for the school. A purchase of $225/month equals over $100 of FFG credit by the end of the school year. Scrip is also available in the summer months after Sunday morning masses. The FFG percentage is determined because expenses for this fundraiser average out to be 95% of total sales.

Charlston Wrap Catalog Sale (FFG 30% for magazine sales 40% for gifts and paper)
Gifts are reasonably priced and the paper is of the highest quality. If your family or your neighbors enjoy magazines, the subscription deals associated with this fundraiser are significant, and the profit margin for the school isn’t too bad either! The FFG percentage is determined because expenses for this fundraiser are 70% (magazines) and 60% (paper and gifts).

Wreath Sales (FFG 50%)
Beautiful, quality greenery at fair market prices. Minimal volunteer effort. The FFG percentage is determined because expenses for this fundraiser equal 50% of total sales.

Auction Purchases (FFG 90%)
St. Clare’s Annual Benefit Auction is the school’s largest fundraising event of the year. Proceeds raised during the event ensure St. Clare School’s ability to provide high-quality Catholic education that is affordable and accessible to all students. To ensure a successful event, the school relies on many volunteers for planning, organizing, procuring items, and staffing coupled with the help of event guests graciously opening their wallets for some fabulous deals and one-of-a-kind packages. Don’t miss getting involved in this fun-filled event. How the FFG percentage is determined: There a significant cost to putting on a party of this magnitude, and approximately 15% of all expenses for the event are not covered by ticket sales and 5% of the proceeds benefit St. Clare Preschool. So, save your night-of-auction receipt. Because the ticket price for the event is directly applied to covering the cost of the event, no part of the auction ticket cost can be counted toward your FFG. And regulations imposed by the Oregon Department of Justice, prevent us from allowing raffle ticket sales to count toward your FFG.

Auction Donations (FFG $100 max., voluntary exemption allowed)
For any family donating or procuring items for the auction, PTC will allow that family a $100 (maximum) credit to be applied to their family fundraising obligation. Families are responsible for tracking their procurement credit and turning in paperwork along with their completed form to the PTC/FFG Coordinator by the deadline.

Fitness Challenge Pledges (FFG 100%)
This event is a fun way for students to become involved in raising funds for their school. Students solicit pledges from family and friends, and then spend the day with their classmates running, walking, and skipping for approximately 45-60 minutes. The FFG percentage is determined to be 100% because of minimal expenses incurred in the execution of this fundraiser.