2nd Grade Homework - May 2016

MAY 2016

  • Read 15-30 minutes 5 nights each week. Turn in completed reading logs on the Monday of each week.
  • Complete any classwork and return the next day.
  • Math homework pages related to the lesson of the day will be sent home for further support or enrichment. These completed pages should be returned the next day.
  • Any Second Step Home Links as assigned.


Homework Policy 

Daily homework will be reading (with a corresponding reading log) and any classwork that needs to be completed. It is my hope that all math and spelling* work will be completed during the school day. If not, classwork will be sent home in students' Take Home Folders and is expected to be completed and returned the next school day. Student planners will be used as a communication tool between school/home and serve as a resource for students to log any nightly work they may take home. 

If I feel that additional review of certain concepts at home would benefit a student(s), I will communicate that to parents and work with them on a plan to help their child(ren). There will also be other possible assignments, book reports, projects, etc. assigned throughout the course of the year, but it will be meaningful work that has a purpose, is an extension of something we've learned/done, and/or supports students' interests. 
Come late Winter/early Spring, I will begin to incorporate regular math homework to help prepare your child for transitioning to 3rd grade.

*At this time, there will be no assigned spelling homework. Each week, we'll learn a new spelling skill/sound where students will receive a word list to study throughout the week at school. This list will not come home because on Friday, your child will be assessed with a different word list they haven't seen that addresses the same practiced and learned skill/sound. The purpose of this is to ensure a transfer of learning and to really show what students know, rather than them simply memorizing words. 


Reading Logs

Students are expected to read "good-fit" books for a minimum of 15-30 minutes, at least five days of the week. They are to record what they read and the minutes read on their reading logs which are sent home on Monday. Reading logs are due the next Monday (or the first day of the school week) and must be filled in and signed the student and a parent to be considered complete. A class reading goal will be set for each student and all minutes will be recorded and count towards their goal. Incentives are given for certain minute benchmarks made towards the overarching goal.