2nd Grade Homework


  • Read 15-30 minutes a night and turn in completed reading logs on Mondays.  Reading logs will be sent home the second week of school.  
  • Complete any classwork and return the next day.
  • Spelling words will be included in newsletters that are sent out on Friday afternoons and written in Student Planners on Monday, for tests on Fridays.


Homework Policy 

To start, daily homework will be reading (with a corresponding reading log) and any classwork that needs to be completed. It is my hope that all other work will be completed during the school day. If not, classwork will be sent home in students' Take Home Folders and is expected to be completed and returned the next school day. Student planners will be used as a communication tool between school/home and serve as a resource for students to log any nightly work they may take home. 
We will begin spelling words and tests near the end of September, and spelling words  will come home on Mondays.  To reinforce the concepts taught in math, math work will occasionally be sent home.
As the year progresses, there may be additional work that needs to be completed at home, and I will communicate that to parents in newsletters.  

Reading Logs

Students are expected to read "good-fit" books for a minimum of 15-30 minutes, at least five days of the week. They are to record what they read and the minutes read on their reading logs which are sent home on Monday. Reading logs are due the next Monday (or the first day of the school week) and must be filled in and signed the student and a parent to be considered complete.