7th Grade Religion

Teacher: Cathy Kollars, ckollars@stclarepdx.org



       The purpose of the Catholic school is to assist parents in the religious, spiritual, and moral development of their children.  I take this mission very seriously, and I hope to help you to encourage them to put their faith in God at the center of their lives.  Children with this foundation will more likely grow into adults who demonstrate love for all people, who respect and appreciate diversity, , who protect our planet, and who pass on these values to future generations.

       7th grade religion focuses on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ.  Through a study of the Gospels, the Sacraments, the liturgy, and the application of Christian values and actions in the world (Catholic Social Teaching) students will learn what it means to live and act as Jesus taught.  The students will also study the lives of selected saints and then choose a specific saint to research and emulate.  In the spring of the year, the students will focus on Christian morality as it relates to their changes as adolescents and the challenges of respecting their own and other's bodies.  Finally, they will investigate the meaning of the Paschal Mystery as it pertains to the life of Christ and their walk with him in their own lives.

        In addition, the seventh grade students will be planning and leading 3 school liturgies and one Stations of the Cross prayer service over the course of this school year.  While the planning of these liturgical experiences will be organized by their homeroom teacher, Mrs. Stuges, with the help of Ms. Glasgow, I will also be supporting their planning with classroom discussion and music practices for liturgy as necessary.


Mrs. Kollars’s

7th Grade Religion Plan



This plan is subject to change based on teacher discretion.

Textbook:   Blest Are We: The Story of Jesus     Grade 7  Silver Burdette Ginn 2010

                      Theology of the Body for Teens     Ascension Press, 2011


Curriculum:  Life and teachings of Jesus Christ, Catholic Social Teahing,Second Step ( Communication, Anti Bullying, Decision Making, Goal Setting) Visions Gospel Weeklies ( Scripture/Liturgy/Christian Life)

Liturgical Year, Liturgy Planning, Family Life







Essential Questions



* Who was Jesus Christ and how do we  know about him?


Unit 1 Chapters 1-4 Textbook


* Who was Jesus Christ and how do we know about him?

* What does it mean to be a  

     Baptized Christian?

* What does a moral life look

     like                                                                                                                                   *  What is the power of prayer?


Unit 2 Chapters 5-6 Textbook


*  What is the meaning of the Kingdom of God?                                                                                      

Second Step (Anti bullying and communication skills)



Liturgy Preparation


* What does the liturgy mean to me?

Saint Project


* What makes a person holy?







Unit II Chapters 7-8 Textbook


* What is the meaning of the Kingdom of God?                   

Unit III Chapters 9-12


* What is the purpose of the Christian life?                




Second Step

Various Activities


Liturgy Preparation


What does the liturgy mean to me?




Unit IV  Chapters 13-16



An examination of the Paschal Mystery

* What does the Passion, death,

    and resurrection of Jesus

     reveal to us about the extent

    of God’s unconditional love

    for us?                                                                                     

Theology of the Body Unit


* How do we respect ourselves and others?




Liturgy Preparation


What does the liturgy mean to me?

Second  Step

Various Activities