7th Grade Social Studies



Teacher:  Mrs. Catherine Kollars, ckollars@stclarepdx.org

Curriculum:  World History of Africa, Asia, and Europe from Middle Ages Through the Renaissance and into the Early Modern Era;  Current Events

Mrs. Kollars’s

7th Grade Social Studies  Plan



     Students who understand history, geography,current events, and the other social studies have a greater ability to make decisions, to participate in democracy, and to be better citizens of our communities, nation, and world.  As a passionate student of history, I try to share this enthusiasm with my students both because it is naturally interesting and vitally important.

     Seventh graders will focus their studies on world history from approximately 500 A.D through 1600 A.D.  The civilizations of African, China, and pre-Colombian American are the focus of the first trimester.  In the second trimester, the study returns to Europe as we investigate the Middle Ages.  Finally, the third trimester will involve the Renaissance through the early modern Age of Discovery.  My emphasis will be on asking critical thinking questions, making comparisons between the past and modern day events, and encouraging students to become engaged with the "story" part of history.

     Students will learn and apply relevant vocabulary, graphic note-taking, reading for meaning, map skills, essay writing, and other skills.  Regular quizzes and written tests will also be utilized to assess learning.  Finally, several projects throughout the school year will allow students to demonstrate a variety of research and presentation skills.  The  Trade with China project allows students to investigate the challenges of free trade and restricted trade.  Students will research, create video commercials, and participate in a role-play activity. For the Middle Ages project, students will either create a diary of a knight or design and caption "stained glass" windows to demonstrated learning based on outside research from several sources.  For the Renaissance, students will research a specific historic person, dress in a costume appropriate to that person, and participate in a panel discussion based on that person's history and life experience.  These and other projects and activities are intended to fuel interest and refine skills in social studies.




This plan is subject to change based on teacher discretion.

Textbook: America:  My World History; Pearson, 2012

Curriculum:  Middle Ages through Modern Era

1st Trimester  52 days                                                                                       Assessment                                           Essential Questions


                                                                                                                                                                                             Core Concepts: Citizenship and Economics              Quiz            What is the purpose of government?

                                                                                                                   How do economies work?

 Current Events                                                                  Mini Projects    (Varies)

    UNIT 7 “African and Asian Civilizations”

 Chapter   16  “Early African Civilizations”              Quiz/Map/Test           What are the consequences of trade?

 Chapter  17 “China in the Middle Ages”                  Quiz/Map/Test         What are the consequences of                                                                                                                                          technology?

      Trade in Africa and China class group activity project       Mini project                                                                                           


UNIT 8  “Civilizations of the Americas

 Chapter 19 “Mesoamerican Civilizations               What distinguishes one culture from another

 Chapter 20 “Early North and South America            Quiz/Map/Combined Test     

     Native American Group Activity                               Mini Project          How much does geography affect

                                                                                                                      people’s lives?



2nd Trimester  52 days

   Preparation for Geography Bee                                                                                  

  Current Events                                                                                 Mini Projects                                 (Varies)

   UNIT 9 “Europe in the Middle Ages”                                                  

Chapter 21 “A New Civilization in Europe”      Quiz/Map/Test              What is power and who should have it?

 Chapter 22 “Conflicts and Crusades            Quiz/Map/Test                How should we handle conflict?

Chapter 23 “ A Changing Medieval World”     Quiz/Map/

          Middle Ages Project                                       Project                   How are religion and culture connected?


UNIT 10  “The Rise of Europe”

Chapter 24 “The Renaissance”                                                      



3rd Trimester     55  days

                          Current Events                                                               Mini Project                                (Varies)               

Chapter 24 “The Renaissance” (continued)            Quiz/ Map/Test      What distinguishes one culture  another?      

Chapter 25  “The Reformation                                 Quiz/Map/Test             How should we handle conflict?

 Chapter 26 “The Age of  Exploration”                      Quiz/map/project     What are the consequences of trade?

            Renaissance Day Project   Research and role play

Chapter 28 "The Rise of the Monarchy                    Quiz/map/Test           What should governments do?