Welcome to Sixth Grade!

6th Grade Homeroom Teachers: Mrs. Cathy Wade: cwade@stclarepdx.org

Sixth grade is an exciting year. It marks the beginning of middle school with the adventure of moving among classrooms and learning from many teachers. Although the transition can be challenging, it provides a great opportunity for students to develop organizational skills, time management, and responsibility. Among the highlights are Outdoor School, OMSI programs, Science/Engineering Fair, math projects (bird houses/bat houses, probability carnival),Music Program, Art Fair, Egyptian Projects, Greek Day, and Fitness Challenge.

Lockers - 

As middle school students, 6th graders will be using lockers to store books, supplies, PE clothes, and Art toolboxes and materials. Lockers provide an opportunity for students to "express themselves" and explore independent organizational methods. There is no storage in classroom desks for 6th graders. I recommend a set of locker shelves for books, notebooks, and writing supplies. 

Backpacks - 

It is important that students have all materials and assignments ready everyday for each class. Backpacks or rolling packs are necessary to carry textbooks, notebooks, folders, and other materials.


Extra curricular activities available to 6th graders.