6th Grade Religion

Teacher:   Mrs. Catherine Kollars, ckollars@stclarepdx.org

Curriculum:   Old Tetstament; Catholic Social Teaching; Liturgy Planning and Liturgical Year, Family Life; Called to Protect  
       The purpose of the Catholic school is to assist parents in the religious, spiritual, and moral development of their children.  I take this mission very seriously, and I hope to help you to encourage them to put their faith in God at the center of their lives.  Children with this foundation will more likely grow into adults who demonstrate love for all people, who respect and appreciate diversity, , who protect our planet, and who pass on these values to future generations.
     Sixth grade religion will focus on an overview of the Old Testament with connections to how it relates to the New Testament. Students will learn about Abraham, Jacob, Moses, King David, the prophets, Ruth and Naomi, and other key Biblical figures. In addition, they will have a special unit based on the Called to Protect protocol. Parents will be notified when this week-long unit begins in the spring. The family life curriculum will also be covered using the Fully Alive program. This will also be in the late spring.

     An interesting feature of sixth grade religion is how it will so often connect with sixth grade social studies. We actually will cover a chapter in social studies on the ancient Israelites. In this way both the important stories related to our Catholic faith and the important historic contribution of the Israelites will be emphasized. 

     Family Life, a generic term for the study of Catholic morality in the area of human relationships and the changes the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual changes we experience throughout our lives, is an important aspect of the religion curriculm.  Sixth graders will participate in the Called to Protect curriculum (being safe from adult predators), the Theology of the Body for Teens curriculum, and supplements from other appropriate sources as necessary.

     In addition to the areas of study described above, sixth graders will be planning and leading (with adult guidance) four school liturgies over the course of this school year.  Students will be invited to read, be song leaders, and participate in other special ministries of the Mass.  I will let parents know ahead of time when these liturgies will be so that you can join us if you are able.

Mrs. Kollars’s

6th Grade Religion Plan




This plan is subject to change based on teacher discretion.


Textbook:   Blest Are We  Grade 6 Silver Burdette Ginn 2010

                    Family Life 6   RCL Benzinger, 2011

                     Theology of the Body for Teens     Ascension Press, 2011

Curriculum:        Old Testament, Catholic Social Teaching,

                                Liturgy Planning,  Called to Protect, Family Life







Essential Questions




Unit I Chapters 1-4 Textbook

“We Answer God’s Call”


* How does God show himself 

* Why do we need to make

* What is a covenant and how can we live this out?                                                                                                             can we live this out?

* How can our prayer be an

example of piety?                                                                                    

Unit II Chapters 5-6

“God Saves and Delivers Us”


* How did God save and deliver the Israelites?

* How does God save and deliver us today?

* How can people be spiritually or materially enslaved today?

Saint Project (October/November)


* What does it mean to be holy?




Liturgy Preparation


* What does the liturgy mean to me?




Unit II Chapters 7-8 Textbook

“God Saves and Delivers Us”


* How does God save and deliver us today?


Unit III Chapters 9-12

“God Invites Us Into His Kingdom”


*  What is the Kingdom of   


 * What is our mission in the

      Kingdom of God?






Liturgy Preparation


* What does the liturgy mean to me?

Called to Protect


* What are boundaries?




Unit IV Chapters 13-16

“ God Reminds Us to do His Will


* What does it mean to do

    God’s will?

* How were the Israelites   

    tested by God?

* How and why does God test

    our faith?

Lenten Journal  



Family Life Unit


* How do I respect myself and others?




Liturgy Preparation


* What does the liturgy mean to me?