6th Grade Life Science

Teacher: Mrs. Wade, cwade@stclarepdx.org

Class Resources:

Theme: Life Science


Major Topics:

  •   Outdoor School/Environmental Science
  •   Exploring and Classifying life
  •   Cell Structure, Processes, Reproduction
  •   Heredity and Adaptations
  •  Plants, Reproduction and Processes
  •   Animal Diversity & Behavior
  •   Science/Engineering Fair Research/Design/Experimentation


  • Be respectful of God, self, others and the classroom
  • Contribute your best efforts every day
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Follow classroom and lab procedures

 Homework guidelines:

  •  Write down assignments in your assignment book
  • Keep accurate and detailed entries in science notebook
  • Always write in complete sentences
  •  Keep returned items (homework, quizzes, tests) in your science folder
  • Show calculations when applicable


  • Science book, notebook, folder, pencil with eraser, blue or black pen, red pen, note cards

 Grading -- Grades are based on points accumulated in the following categories:

  •  Assignments include homework, classwork, and labs.
  • Assessments and Projects.


Video LInks:

Adam Savage (Mythbusters) Explains How Simple Ideas Become Great Scientific Ideas

What is Science? - one perspective

How Science Works - The Nature of Science

Additional Life Science Links:

Outdoor School Reflections:

  • “Outdoor School was the best week ever! I especially loved building a river in water field study and spending time with my cabin.”
  • “It was so fun meeting new people and being able to get this opportunity to learn outside every day. I’m very thankful.”
  • “I wasn’t a huge fan of science, but when we went to ODS I loved science.”
  • “ODS was great because we didn’t just get to know people from other schools but we got to know the kids from our school even better. I laughed so much and have so many great memories.”
  • “My favorite thing that I learned at ODS is about water. If there are a lot of pine needles in the water, it can be very acidic.”

Field Study