6th Grade Life Science

Teacher: Mrs. Wade, cwade@stclarepdx.org

I am delighted to welcome you to 6th grade and the wonderful world of middle school!  One of the highlights of 6th grade science is Outdoor School.  We will attend Outdoor School (ODS) in the fall.  We will depart at approximately 2:00 pm on a Sunday, from Capitol Hill School and return on the following Friday around 1:30 pm.  It promises to be an incredible experience in learning science and in building our classroom community.  I will send details in the next few weeks, but here are a few thoughts to help you to prepare:

- Our site supervisor from Camp Howard will be in touch to schedule a visit.  The presentation will include an overview of ODS, a slideshow, and Q&A. Parents are invited to join us in the BASC room for the presentation. Date and time to be announced.

- There will be an open house at Camp Howard (TBA).  It is a great opportunity to visit the site, meet some of the staff again, and become acquainted with the camp.

- Students may be nervous our anxious about going to camp, sleeping in cabins, being away from home, etc.  The consensus among ODS leadership is that nervous and/or anxious campers benefit when families keep things as relaxed as possible with a “tough love” approach.  Reassure your child that it will be a great week, say "I love you!" and "See you Friday." in the parking lot and send them on their way to a wonderful Outdoor School experience.  Once students arrive and are engaged in the program, they will have a fabulous week!

Class Resources:

Theme: Life Science


Major Topics:

  •   Outdoor School/Environmental Science
  •   Exploring and Classifying life
  •   Cell Structure, Processes, Reproduction
  •   Heredity and Adaptations
  •  Plants, Reproduction and Processes
  •   Animal Diversity & Behavior
  •   Science/Engineering Fair Research/Design/Experimentation


  • Be respectful of God, self, others and the classroom
  • Contribute your best efforts every day
  • Have a positive attitude
  • Follow classroom and lab procedures

 Homework guidelines:

  •  Write down assignments in your assignment book
  • Keep accurate and detailed entries in science notebook
  • Always write in complete sentences
  •  Keep returned items (homework, quizzes, tests) in your science folder
  • Show calculations when applicable


  • Science book, notebook, folder, pencil with eraser, blue or black pen, red pen, note cards

 Grading -- Grades are based on points accumulated in the following categories:

  •  Assignments include homework, classwork, and labs.
  • Assessments and Projects.


Video LInks:

Adam Savage (Mythbusters) Explains How Simple Ideas Become Great Scientific Ideas

What is Science? - one perspective

How Science Works - The Nature of Science

Additional Life Science Links:

Outdoor School Reflections:

  • “Outdoor School was the best week ever! I especially loved building a river in water field study and spending time with my cabin.”
  • “It was so fun meeting new people and being able to get this opportunity to learn outside every day. I’m very thankful.”
  • “I wasn’t a huge fan of science, but when we went to ODS I loved science.”
  • “ODS was great because we didn’t just get to know people from other schools but we got to know the kids from our school even better. I laughed so much and have so many great memories.”
  • “My favorite thing that I learned at ODS is about water. If there are a lot of pine needles in the water, it can be very acidic.”

Field Study