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St. Clare School 2017-2018 Annual Appeal Update - Endowment exceeds $2M for the first time ever with appeal, auction, and Yellowball Golf Tournament!

Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Clare School,

Thank you for your overwhelming response to our annual appeal this year!  We received 101 gifts that totaled $35,048!  Of that amount, $21,010 was earmarked for our Endowment.  (Additional gifts from earlier pledges have continued to come throughout the year - those are not reflected in the above totals.)

At our annual auction on March 3rd, we raised an additional SPECTACULAR amount of $44,000 in support of our Endowment, pushing our balance officially over $2M. 

That means that we have raised a total of $65,010 for the Endowment so far this year. (And that $65,010 doesn’t include any dollars raised from the Yellowball Golf Tournament, which added another $12,000 +/- to the Mary Kate Booth Endowment fund in October, 2017.) 

Those amounts make us eligible for an additional match of $25,000 from the Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation of the Oregon Community Foundation.   Those funds are typically distributed after the end of the school year, when all fundraising has been completed by archdiocesan schools. 

This is a spirit-filled community that loves and supports each other like no other.  Thank you for your generosity and commitment to our school!


Please join us in thanking our 1914 Society Members for 2017-2018

 (names in bold indicate lead/matching gifts)

Michael and Shawn Hagel Joseph E. Weston Public
Foundation of the Oregon
Community Foundation
Stephen and Demetria Hunt
Jay and Ellie Booth  Dr. and Mrs. Eugene Fuchs
 Rita and David Kerno John Richards MD 
and Christina Steig-Richards
Travis and Debbie Smith
 Anonymous David Argetsinger  Jason and Allison Beam 
John and Michelle Becker Walter and Mary Pat Bland KK Burrell and Patrick Monaghan
Daimler Cares Chris and Renee Cline Nena Cook
Digimarc Lauren and Jean Donaldson Earl and Debbie Freepons
Mary Harmeyer Mary Ellen Harmeyer Andrew and Iraida Hermann
Roger and Carol Klein Eleanor Larson Courtney Lewis
Bob and Maria McCarthy Michael and Debra Monahan Brad and Molly Ono
Steven and Jean Pixley Don and Colette Rees James Demay and Channing Riggs
April Hughes Sanders John and Diane Sangster Karen Serowik
Tom Sheridan Don Vanderpool Cathy Worrell

A brief description of the St. Clare School Endowment Fund:

The St. Clare School Endowment is comprised of three endowed funds which are invested in the Catholic Education Endowment Fund (CEEF) held by the Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon. The Mary Kate Booth Endowment Fund is one of these endowed funds. Each of the funds was established exclusively for the benefit of St. Clare School to help ensure the long-term sustainability of the school, and support the economic viability of Catholic education for all students.

For more information on the Endowment, please click on Support St. Clare above, and choose Endowment, or contact the school’s development department directly at Thank you for your support!


Many employers will make an equal contribution to a charity

if one of their employees makes a donation.  Does your company match gifts?  

It's easy to find out...check with your employer, or click here to do a quick check of the many companies that provide matching gift programs.


We can help you with paperwork!  Reach out to Renee ( in the Development office and she will quickly get you the answers you need or she will submit paperwork on your behalf!  Click here to see a list of employers with matching gift programs.


How?  If you are a St. Clare School supporter who does not currently have children enrolled at St. School, your gift could be quadrupled!  How?  Give to St. Clare School Tuition Assistance Fund, secure a match from your participating employer and the Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation will match BOTH your donation and your employers' donation.  We are grateful to Mr. Weston for his yearly support to encourage giving in support of the endowment.  Each year for the last several years, Mr. Weston has generously incentivized giving by offering to match donations to the St. Clare School tuition assistance fund up to a total match of around $15,000.  Help us maximize the match and make a gift today!


Believe in St. Clare School and give your support now…

St. Clare School receives no outside funding from local, state, federal governments, or the Archdiocese of Portland to support our operating budget.  We rely on the generosity of our community to augment the budget from resources generated from tuition, fees, fundraisers, and income from our endowment.  We owe our existence and are grateful for the tremendous support of alumni, parents, and friends whose contributions have helped build facilities, establish endowments, and support ongoing programs for more than a century.

For additional information on how you can contribute, please contact:


Thank you for coming to this page to find out more about how you can support

St. Clare School so that the good works that happen within our classrooms

and at the hands of our talented educators can continue on for another 100 years.