Make a Gift

Many employers will make an equal contribution to a charity

if one of their employees makes a donation.  Does your company match gifts?  

It's easy to find out...check with your employer, or click here to do a quick check of the many companies that provide matching gift programs.


We can help you with paperwork!  Reach out to Colette ( in the Development office and she will quickly get you the answers you need or she will submit paperwork on your behalf!  Click here to see a list of employers with matching gift programs.


How?  If you are a St. Clare School supporter who does not currently have children enrolled at St. School, your gift could be quadrupled!  How?  Give to St. Clare School Tuition Assistance Fund, secure a match from your participating employer and the Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation will match BOTH your donation and your employers' donation.  We are grateful to Mr. Weston for his yearly support to encourage giving in support of the endowment.  Each year for the last several years, Mr. Weston has generously incentivized giving by offering to match donations to the St. Clare School tuition assistance fund up to a total match of around $15,000.  Help us maximize the match and make a gift today!


Believe in St. Clare School and give your support now…

St. Clare School receives no outside funding from local, state, federal governments, or the Archdiocese of Portland to support our operating budget.  We rely on the generosity of our community to augment the budget from resources generated from tuition, fees, fundraisers, and income from our endowment.  We owe our existence and are grateful for the tremendous support of alumni, parents, and friends whose contributions have helped build facilities, establish endowments, and support ongoing programs for more than a century.

For additional information on how you can contribute, please contact:


Thank you for coming to this page to find out more about how you can support

St. Clare School so that the good works that happen within our classrooms

and at the hands of our talented educators can continue on for another 100 years.