1:1 Mobile Leaning


Our 1:1 technology program in middle school is going strong. Teachers continue to learn new ways to leverage devices in their lessons and projects. Students have benefited from using their devices in many different ways including easy access to the internet and enhancing their organizational skills. Utilizing iPads as an educational tool has allowed us to make great progress toward the following goals that we set when the program began in 2013:

  • Increase student engagement in learning

  • Facilitate differentiated learning

  • Broaden use of technology across the curriculum

  • Simplify organization

  • Lighten backpacks as suitable digital texts become available



Welcome Letter for Parents of Current 5th. Graders and New Middle School Students

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Goals for 1:1

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Student Report! Form

Responsible Use Agreement

iPad Insurance (CLAREcare)

Start of year iPad Homework

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