Welcome to Third Grade!

Welcome to the Third Grade page!
Third Grade is a huge year! In addition to our academic explorations, we emphasize independence, accountability, self-control, and respect for self and others. We practice these personal growth traits while also focusing our academic development on many skills that will build the foundation for our future learning.
We will be using the Houghton Mifflin Harcourt series Journeys to support our reading standards. In third grade, we continue to build reading fluency while working on comprehension techniques like predicting, questioning, inferring, connecting, and mental images. The selections in Journeys help us understand these techniques as well as genres, author’s purpose, how to compare texts while helping to support different modes of writing.
Our spelling program in third grade is geared for success for everyone. Following our pretest on Monday morning, students build personalized spelling lists designed to meet their skill level. The lists are supported by patterns being learned in the Journeys reading series.
In addition to reading and spelling, our language arts program includes grammar practice to become more comfortable with parts of speech along with proper punctuation, and learning cursive writing. This will be our third year to utilize the Handwriting Without Tears cursive handwriting method in Third Grade.
Our math program is aligned with the Common Core Standards and delves deeply into three main categories - multiplication and division, fractions, and geometric shapes and properties. We will continue to maintain addition and subtraction with and without regrouping, as well as, addition and subtraction facts. The text we will be using for math is the Scott Foresman enVision. Children are expected to know their multiplication facts through 10 by the end of the year.
Our textbook series for our social studies program is Pearson My World, and closely aligns with our social studies standards. The program offers a number of web based activites to address different learning styles. 
As with math, the science curriculum has three main areas of focus: life cycles, space, and matter. Our science is supported by our textbook series and accompanying program published by Macmillan/McGraw-Hill and is titled Science - A Closer Look. We will learn and use the scientific method throughout the year as we investigate and explore many different themes within the three topics.
Blest Are We is the religion text published by RCL Benziger. We will learn much more about the church, prayer, service, and the Holy Spirit as we gain a better understanding of our purpose as God’s children.
To assist children in evaluating their week, they will complete a “Week-In-A-Peek.” This is your child’s opportunity for self-reflection about their behavior throughout the week, as well as three important things they have learned. This activity is completed entirely by your child and is a reflection of how they evaluate their own behavior, and what they have learned. I encourage you to use the Week-In-A-Peek as a tool to open dialogue with your child.
Letter grading begins in third grade. Assessments, projects, and reports will receive letter grades. Plus and minus marking codes will not be used. Grading will be as follows:
Marking Codes
+ and – is not used in third grade.
A 93-100 Excellent
B 85-92 Very Good
C 72-84 Average
D 60-71 Needs Improvement
F 59 & below Not Passing