Spelling Program News

In third grade, I believe it is important for the students to have opportunities to be challenged to meet their specific needs. As a part of this philosophy, I offer each child the ability to have a personalized spelling list each week. How does it work?

  1. Every Monday, unless otherwise notified, we will have a “spelling pretest” from a list prescribed through our Storytown spelling program. Each list has a specific theme or rule it practices; e.g., long vowels, vowel blends, etc. The children write their pretest words in their spelling spiral notebook. The left-hand side of the page is the “try it” side, and the right-hand side is the “My List.”
  2. Following the test, the children will correct their own work. Every word they spell incorrectly will be moved to their “My List” for additional practice throughout the week. For every word spelled correctly, they will have the opportunity to choose a replacement word from another list. The other list follows the same rule or theme as that on the week’s list, but they are more challenging. Each replacement word will be placed on their “My List.”
  3. At the end of the pretest and correction time, each child will have 15 words on the “My List” side of the pretest page.
  4. The children will be encouraged to check their tests for accurate spelling, and will be asked to put their spelling spirals in their backpacks to come home on Monday. It is your child’s responsibility to ensure words are spelled correctly, and the spiral is in the backpack. Adequate time is provided for the children to check and double-check their work.
  5. Monday’s spelling homework will ask your child to transfer the “My List” words in the spelling spiral to special “My List” paper. The “My List” paper should stay at home all week so your child can use it to practice for the test given each Friday. The spelling spiral should come back to school on Tuesday so your child has their words to practice at school. By following this process, your child has a spelling list both at home and at school.
  6. On Friday, your child will take the test with a partner in the class. Each child will have a totally different personalized test that meets their needs while learning the specific spelling rule.